How to choose and wear the Waistcoat

You’re tall or short, you love classic style or you’re more fashion … what kind of Waistcoat is for you? Here are tips to make the right choice and buy one to wear for a long time.

  1. Choose according to your morphology

Your height: If you are low. Avoid models that are too long, do not rush. He opts rather for a three-quarters adherent Waistcoat. To be avoided: short and bulky jackets, they get fat.

If you are tall: Do not hesitate to wear large Waistcoats. Trenches are perfect. Do not wear models that are too long or too tight and those with a zip or a central button, would risk making you look even taller.

Your silhouette: If you are round: To slim your silhouette, choose a Waistcoat with exposed stitching, buttoned at the center with a zip, and vertical lines. Know that horizontal prints get fat and do not value you.

The shoulder pads: Why not, they structure the shoulders and draw attention to the upper part of the body. Even the trench can enhance your shapes, if it is worn wide and fluid. If you have a wide waist and a little belly, do not hesitate to choose an empire style Waistcoat: it will hide all the small and annoying roundness.

If you have broad shoulders: tip on a cape or poncho, which falls on the shoulders and round them. To avoid: the shoulder straps and the jackets too tight at the waist that emphasize the waistline, but also highlight the width of the shoulders. If you have the waistline and the wide shoulders the same: opt for a model with a round neck, tight at the waist and flared below. The straps are suitable for you, since they give femininity to your silhouette.

If you are small: you can bring almost everything. Even the quilts are good for you, especially if you’re very thin.

  1. Choose the color of your Waistcoat well

Would you like to buy the white waistcoat men but do you have a pale complexion? Do not do it! Choose a color that is more suited to your complexion.

Warm colors: They are reserved for blondes with light eyes. The camel color the dark brown, all the shades of gray and yellow, the apricot color and the green will enhance them. Browns can wear them, provided they are not too pale. For them, brown, beige or rust are ideal.


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