Are You Aware on Which Bed You Can Use Twin Mattress?

While selecting a mattress, you need to consider the size of your bed. These sizes are also known as king-size, queen-size, full-size and twin-size. However, many of you may not really know what is the actual difference between them.


Single/Twin bed


Single beds or twin beds are designed for a single person. Their average dimensions are 75”X39”.  Due to narrow size, it can easily fit into small bedrooms. Such beds are generally meant for kids and guest rooms. Twin XL is also available which is 6” longer as compared to a standard twin mattress.



Full bed


Full beds or double beds are meant for two people and the average size of these beds are 74” X 54”. You can use a twin mattress for such beds.


Queen bed


A queen-size bed is also a full bed but a little larger. The average size is 60” X 80”. Queen beds are usually preferred by couples, its extra width and length help in getting good sleep at night.


King bed


Among all the bed sizes, the widest size is king-size beds. The standard dimension for this bed is 76” X 80”. This size is suitable for tall people, as they need little extra length. There are a number of well-known furniture suppliers who fabricate such king-size beds.


Some king-beds are 4” narrower, but 4” longer designed for extra tall people. Due to its extra-large size, they need extra space in the bedroom and are usually ideal for master bedrooms.

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