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Some Ideas to Design A Fire Place

Fireplaces are one of the important items for not only private residences but public places too. During the cold winter season, this is an enchanting way to keep yourself warm.

However, if you try to source a fireplace from the market then you will find plenty of vendors. It is always a good idea to design your fire place according to the area where you are planning to install it.

Following are few design ideas when you are going to install hotel fireplaces in the individual guest rooms or in the reception or lounge area of the hotel.

  • For a large and simple fireplace, you need to have larger space
  • If you prefer to use any material like natural stone then it can create an impression of a traditional open fire
  • By using several burners or flames you can really create a pleasing visual effect
  • Choose darker color so that it can create very good contrast with the flame and it will stand out from others
  • If you want to create a lovely reflection of the flame then you opt to use polished stone
  • You can increase the safety of the fireplace by using a glass cover for the flame
  • In order to create a vibrant reflection of the flame you can use a polished back wall or mirror
  • Try to use textured or patterned materials for creating a stunning impact
  • Match the décor of your fireplace with the décor of the surrounding area
  • Do not make it a too complicated design rather try to keep it simple