Tips to Prepare Your First Born Child for a Sibling

The relationship among siblings is an essential factor to consider. The first word often strikes whenever you think of siblings is the rivalry. And to be honest, sibling rivalry is quite common as both the child competes for their best to get parents’ attention.


Being a parent, you need to establish a relationship that is more loving, caring supportive rather than competitive.


Below is a guide to prepare your first child for the arrival of a new baby is discussed


Tell your child


It is best that your child gets to know about the addition of new a family member from you, rather than anyone else.


This will give your child some time to get prepared for the new addition.



Enjoy your child’s growing up


Even if you are expecting a second child, it is important to enjoy and celebrate that your first child is growing up.


As children grow, you need to show them how proud you are that they are growing This will help them get prepared as a big brother or sister.


Pamper them with a gift basket


Sibling baby gift baskets are the perfect way to pamper your first child and show your love towards him.


It is a great opportunity to show that nothing will be changed even after the arrival of the new baby.




One common factor that first-born children worry about is that the new baby will replace him or her in the parents’ heart.


Remember to tell your first child that you will always love him or her just the same way.

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